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    Grade 3 First Aid Course

    Lower School
    2017-07-13_G3FirstAidCourse (11).JPG /

    On Thursday, July 13th the Grade 3 class was visited by Mr. Durka from Malteser, who taught a First Aid Course. The class learned many practical ways they could help out in the event of an emergency. Mr. Durka spent four periods with the class demonstrating and allowing the students to practice some life saving techniques. Each participant will receive a certificate from Malteser for completing the course.

    Science Talks: Ideas worth listening to

    Upper School

    During this third trimester, our Grade 8s completed their Science Talks laboratory report write-up and gave a final symposium-like presentation to parents on their “Home Science” investigations.  Student presentations were representative of each student’s ability. Some students demonstrated an insatiable desire to further their knowledge about their topic, while others questioned their initial set of data and thus asked to conduct additional trials to confirm or deny their hunch. Like anything in life, there was variation, and we greatly enjoyed the variety of “Home Science” investigation ideas that were worth listening to.

    ISA Arts Alive 2017

    Lower School
    IMG_5461.JPG /

    On the evening of June 29th we celebrated the 5th Arts Alive evening at ISA. All the ELC and Lower School children had created absolutely beautiful art work! We were very happy that so many families came to celebrate with us. The money we raised by selling the big canvases will be donated to a local children's home, Josefsheim. We raised more than 3000 euros! We would like to thank all the families and congratulate the winners of the silent auction.

    Grade 7 Outdoor Education Camp

    Upper School
    P1000334.JPG /

    Grade 7 went on an Outdoor Education camp to the Kochel See. We all had a great time with many memorable experiences. Hiking, climbing, rafting, canyoning, team-building, swimming at the lake, enjoying the company of friends…the heat did not make it easy, but the students demonstrated lots of grit and kept going, despite the difficulties. Well done to all!

    Zambia Immersion Program 2017

    Whole School
    1.png /

    During the Whit-Break the group of ISA-Volunteers from Grade 11 travelled to Zambia together with Mr. Kelleher and Ms. Martínez López. After 24 hours of travel, we arrived in the Zambian town of Mazabuka where we stayed in the Assumption Parish Community-House.

    Already at the beginning of our time in Mazabuka we spent two nights camping at a farm that supports Assumption Parish. There we assisted the Rwandan farm manager with cutting maize and other work that was necessary but difficult for him to do alone.

    Duke of Edinburgh silver practice expedition 2017

    Upper School
    IMG_20170526_152554913.jpg /

    Nine students took part in the silver practice expedition which involved planning and walking a route of about 42 km through the wonderful countryside that we have to the west of Gablingen. The students walked for 3 days, and had 2 overnight rests where they slept peacefully in tents on the grass at ISA. The students planned their provisions for the 3 days, and bought everything beforehand. They cooked a substantial and culinarily delightful meal on Trangias each day. Congratulations to our students who have managed to complete this wonderful weekend during this very busy period in grade 11. The “real” expedition is in September!

    Mr Walker and Mr Italiano

    Grade 3 Camp

    Lower School

    This week the Grade 3 children enjoyed their first school camp experience. The camp took place at Judendhaus Elias in Seifriedsberg/Blaichach. The beautiful weather made the hiking experience in the Allgäu all the more pleasant. Surrounded by the clattering of cow bells, the children made their own music with their stringed instruments led by their music teacher, Ms. Frazee. In addition to music the children practiced landscape drawing with their class teacher, Mrs. Foster, and enjoyed sports both inside and out under the guidance of Ms. Höfer, normally their German teacher. 

    ISA Mother Tongue Assembly

    Lower School

    Dear ISA Community,

    Please, join me in congratulating all the international students and their mother tongue teachers who delighted us once again on Friday May 12th, on the last MT Assembly of this school year.

    True to the learner attribute of the month, our Assembly focused on becoming knowledgeable about our friends’ language and culture. There were some very intriguing contributions that resulted in lots of interaction with the audience! I am proud to say that the quality of each language’s performance keeps improving with every event. Should you have missed it, please have a look at some photos and videos of the show at ISA Mother Tongue Programme on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mothertongue2016/

    Marta Diaz
    Mother Tongue Coordinator

    Grade 7 Medieval Fair

    Upper School

    The Medieval Fair team would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Fair a success! The event went smoothly thanks to the following people: all the parents for supporting their children throughout the past trimester, our colleagues for donating lessons to the project, Themba and the parents for helping set-up for the event, the parents for organizing and then executing a beautiful breakfast, and most of all the students for taking the project seriously and putting in weeks of hard work. We hope everyone who came enjoyed the presentations and puppet shows!

    Medieval Fair Team
    Ms. DeForge, Ms. Bernhardt, Ms. Shepherd, Ms. Van Oort, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Puireux

    ISA meets ISU

    Whole School
    ISA meets  ISU.jpg /

    On Wednesday March 22nd, the grade 7 students who participated in the „Unseen Images“ project visited the International School Ulm accompanied by Mrs Wiedemann and Mr Puireux. For this project, students in both schools were asked to write detailed descriptions of a photograph. These descriptions were exchanged between the schools. Then, each student painted a picture to illustrate the description received. Our creative collaborations was a very intense project that enabled the students to describe works of art as well as use imaginations to create a work of art representing what was described to them. In Ulm, we looked at the display of all our “unseen images” and had a chance to talk about them and exchange experiences. The art students showed us the school and some works of art created there. All students enjoyed the opportunity to meet their partner students at IS Ulm, and were surprised at how well they interpreted the descriptions. Everyone got a chance to exchange thoughts and ideas. They also enjoyed the opportunity to see another international school and were pleased to be invited to a “Pizza Party”. We decided that we would continue collaborating and keep this spirit alive.

    ISA Art Award 2017

    Whole School

    Once again this year, our school is providing a great opportunity for passionate young artists to take part in a special event to celebrate their commitment to the arts. For this project, ISA has cooperated with a number of local art schools and the students from these schools (and ISA) have submitted works of art inspired by the theme ‘No Limits!’

    We are delighted to announce that the works of art will be exhibited in the Kreissparkasse Bank in Gersthofen starting today, March 13th and running until the end of March. This year the works of art will not only be evaluated by a jury; visitors to the exhibition will be invited to nominate their favourite piece of art for the ‘Publikumspreis’.

    We encourage you all to support this project by visiting the exhibition. After school would be a great time to stop by. The details are as follows:

    Our Art Department now has a new kiln!

    Whole School
    kiln 1.jpg /

    Dear ISA Community,

    I am very happy to announce that the Art Department now has a new kiln. I am excited about this and know from experience how much kids enjoy working with clay. It influences motor skills, sensory development, self-esteem, self-expression, problem solving skills, discipline and pride. Clay even has a unique therapeutic quality that calms children. The new IB Visual Art Syllabus requires students to create 3D elements. This new kiln will help us support this requirement.

    Cambridge Examinations Outstanding Awards

    Upper School

    Cambridge Examinations outstanding awards

    We are delighted to celebrate that Kimberley K. was awarded certificates in both IGCSE French A and IGCSE Coordinated Science, having achieved the highest marks in Germany in these subjects in her examinations in May, 2016. Topping the list of candidates in a Cambridge High Achievement subject is a performance of the very highest calibre. Cambridge hope that Kimberley and other students take inspiration from these awards in setting their goals for the future.

    Congratulations Kimberley!

    A special visitor to Lower School

    Lower School
    2016-12-06_NikolausVisitELC+G1 (5).JPG /

    Students from ELC 1 and 2 and grade 1 are very excited on December 6th. Was that a bell gently ringing in the distance? Is he on his way already? They are practising their song “Lasst uns froh und munter sein” which they had been rehearsing for quite a while. Furthermore, the children had been learning about Nikolaus, a saint and bishop who is known for doing good things and being especially caring towards children. Like St Martin, he did many good things and that’s why we still remember him on December 6th.

    The bell … again. But it’s getting closer and therefore louder. What was that? A knock on the door! And here he is – Nikolaus with his red bishop’s hat, with his majestic, embroidered cloak and a golden book. The students are cheering happily. “Oh, Nikolaus!”, says a girl.

    G12 Iceland Trip

    Upper School

    During the Fall break, six Grade 12 students travelled to Iceland to explore its unique features as part of their IBDP studies in Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies. The students followed a varied itinerary that linked directly to the topics that they had learned in class prior to the trip. In Iceland, the students were able to witness first hand some of the challenges facing the country and ask questions to develop their knowledge and understanding. Highlights of the trip included swimming in the Blue Lagoon and learning how its owners turned a waste by product (namely the water itself!) into the most visited tourist attraction in Iceland; walking between the North American and Eurasian plates and learning about the literally earth shifting tectonic processes responsible for their slow drifting apart; and finally observing the Northern Lights and contemplating the importance of our atmosphere in sustaining all life on the planet. All in all, we returned to Germany feeling very grateful for our many experiences together. Once again, Mr Nesgaard was in a geographic league of his own. Our students really benefited from his expertise, as well as enthusiasm for all things Icelandic (especially the weather!). In addition, we were very fortunate to be accompanied on the trip by Ms Mullen and Mr Wagner. Both travelled in a private capacity but engaged fully in the trip. I look forward to future trips and to providing students at ISA with more “wonder and awe” experiences – and Iceland has plenty of those! 

    Brian Kelleher
    Upper School Geography Teacher 

    St. Martin Celebration

    Lower School
    Last week Thursday the children from ELC, Grade 1 and Grade 2 celebrated St. Martin. During their German lessons they learned about the story of St. Martin and how he helped the poor people.
    In preparation for the lantern walk the students created beautiful lanterns and practised various lantern songs. On the 10th of November the families were invited into the school to watch the student’s performances.

    Flip Flop Friday update

    Whole School

    Dear ISA school community members,

    Thank you for support last week to help relaunch ISA’s partnership with Assumption Parish (formerly St. Bakhita Association) in Mazabuka, Zambia.  It was great to see so many students, teachers and parents wearing flip flop pins, as well as the brave individuals who wore their flip flops to school on Friday (I hope that no one lost a toe to frost bite).  In total we raised €700 which puts us well on our way to reaching our target this year of €10,000 to support Luyobolola school.  If you have a suggestion of a way to contribute to the partnership, please email or talk to me.  All ideas are welcome. 

    The Voices of ISA

    Upper School

    Dear Parents,

    "When you want something you've never had, you'd better do something you've never done", and this is exactly what we did. An essential part of ISA's philosophy is reflecting, reflecting on things that happened and reflecting on how to improve the experience and learning outcomes for the students. And who could reflect better on these topics than the students themselves? That is why this year, the upper school reinvented the upper school student council. And we started right at the beginning, with the name. So today we can proudly present "The Voices of ISA".

    ISA - St. Bakhita Association Partnership - a brief history

    Whole School

    The ISA – St. Bakhita Association partnership was initiated in 2012 in collaboration with teachers and students.  The projects run by St. Bakhita Association support the community and in particular the youth in Mazabuka, Zambia. These projects target orphans and underprivileged children such as the Ark Project which comprises of five houses for teens with difficult family backgrounds.  ISA’s partnership with St. Bakhita Association is facilitated by the Irish charity SERVE.  Each year SERVE sends volunteers to support programs in developing countries that help to transform the lives of some of the poorest communities in the world.

    Talente sollen sich in Bayerisch-Schwaben entfalten

    Community Contributions
    TfdR-Logo.jpg /

    Verein „Talente für die Region“ entwickelt umfassendes Konzept, um dem Führungs- und Fachkräftemangel zu begegnen und qualifizierte Kräfte für den Standort zu sichern

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