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    Freiwillige Arbeit mit Kindern

    At ISA we are proud to offer the Learning Assistance Programme, LAP. It was founded in Southern Australia in 1976 and has been an important part of school there ever since. ISA is one of many international schools around the world who are now offering the programme. We started the programme in 2007-2008 and have had a great response from students, teachers and parents who were involved each year. Our LAP staff coordinator is Valerie Foster. Please feel free to contact her should you have any questions under Valerie.Foster@isa-augsburg.com

    LAP Flyer

    LAP is

    • about relationships - working with a friend
    • always one to one, one student working with one volunteer
    • in school and during school
    • builds confidence
    • takes a creative approach to learning
    • promotes parent and community participation in schools

    Who gets to have a LAP partner?

    Students who have an interest or talent to pursue, who are going through a time of transition, students with English as an additional language or students who need support in a subject in school, any student who’s confidence would benefit from working with a friend one to one on a regular basis.


    How do we find the match?

    First: Teachers, parents and students can come to the LAP coordinators and refer a student to the programme.

    Student Referral Form

    Second: Teachers, Parents, and members of the Augsburg community, who are willing to make a 1 year commitment to the programme, can fill in a volunteer details form and pass it to one of the LAP coordinators. The coordinators interview the potential volunteers.

    Volunteer Details Form

    Third: Coordinators look for an approved volunteer who shares an interest or talent with the referred student. We also look for mother tongue speakers whenever possible.

    Fourth: When the coordinators find a volunteer for the student, a time is negotiated and a personal plan is made. Coordinators meet with the student’s teacher, the volunteer and sometimes the parents to review the match, the personal plan and set new goals.

    Volunteers and parents of LAP students can meet with the co-ordinators by appointment.


    All information has been generously provided by the LAP Association Incorporated. For more information about LAP internationally and in Australie please see the official LAP website www.lap.asn.au



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