ISA students are engaged

'The ISA Community is one family. We have roots that dig down deep and will always support one another when obstacles are difficult to master by ourselves.' Lisa Deurer, Class of 2017
ISA Students engaged

We are proud of our sports programme!

Sport is actively promoted and celebrated at our school. More than 75% of students are regularly involved in school supported sporting activities. These include basketball, volley ball, soccer, badminton, climbing, golf, tennis and dance. Senior students, staff and parents also take advantage of the fitness room on campus.

We love the visual and performing arts

The arts have always been central to life and learning at ISA. Musical and dramatic performances, art events and exhibitions allow students to develop their skills and to grow in confidence. More than 50% of students play a musical instrument and our concerts at local venues are popular. In the words of one parent, 'Seussical the Musical was such an amazing experience for my child!!! Wow! It was really a life changing experience for her.  It pushed her boundaries and showed her that you can do anything you want to if you work hard and put your all into it!  It was only possible with all the support and training she received from you, her teachers!'