Becoming 'Future-Ready'!

We use Technology to Transform Teaching

At International School Augsburg, we believe effective integration of technology to be at the heart of a student-centred, future-oriented education. We are committed to using technology in ways that enhance student learning, allowing us to challenge and support students to achieve their unique potential. We are committed to providing the resources and support to realise this vision.
The thoughtful and purposeful application of technology enhances both teaching and learning. Technology is not seen as a goal in itself, but as a means to provide the best education possible for all our students.
All students in all classes learn to use technology in meaningful ways and to apply their skills in a range of contexts. The school is very well equipped with interactive white boards, chrome books, tablets, ipads and a microsoft computer suite.
Computer Science is taught from grade 6 to 10 so that students not only explore programming and gain an understanding of computer science, but also as an important way to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.