We support each child's language needs

Learning English

English is the language of instruction at ISA and is the shared social language. Students new to English receive differentiated support in very small groups until they have mastered the language. The small classes and very experienced teachers provide expert support for English language learners, so that they quickly become confident speakers. Parents are also invited to join our English language classes for adults.

For further information about "EAL - English as an Additional Language", contact our EAL Coordinator or refer to our EAL Handbook.

Learning German

We value our host country language, German and all students are expected to learn the language. Courses are structured into native speaker and GAL groups where students are taught at the appropriate level. Parents are encouraged to join our German classes for adults.
For further information about "German/German as an Additional Language (GAL)", contact our GAL Coordinator or refer to our German/GAL Handbook.

Our own Languages

For students whose mother tongue is neither English or German, we do our best to offer weekly support in their mother tongue. In Lower School, we currently offer Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese. In Middle School we currently offer Russian and French. IB Diploma students have the option of choosing their first language as a course subject (Language A) for their IB Diploma.
MT Policy

Learning Enrichment

We recognise that students learn at different paces and in different ways. Some students may require short-term support or additional challenge. Support can be provided on a flexible basis, based on the available resources. Students may be withdrawn from a lesson and taught in a small group, or be supported by an in-class assistant or through tuition before or after school. The school takes advantage of the advice and expertise of local psychologists (assigned to ISA), speech therapists, occupational therapists.
Inclusion Policy