Our ISA Mission

'It is our mission to create a welcoming school environment where open-mindedness and respect are fostered. At ISA, learners are challenged and supported to achieve their unique potential and to become confident, caring citizens of the world.'

At our school, we know that young people need to feel respected and cared for, in order to actively engage in the learning process. We know our students well and we work hard to provide them with the support and challenge they need to be successful.

The academic success of our students, the paths they choose and their feedback tell us that not only do students feel at home here, they feel that they have the space to be creative and learn from mistakes. The words of a recent graduate sum it up: 'ISA is a place where mistakes is no barrier, where talents are seen and polished, and where it is OK to be different. I always felt at home while being at ISA.

This year we are welcoming almost 50 new students. We hope that they will quickly at home and love learning at our school.
Cathie Mullen, Director of Education
Cathie Mullen

We are all learning all the time

Our teachers are learners too. They are continually developing their knowledge and skills. Collaboration and co-teaching ensure that they learn from their peers as well as from external experts.
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