Grades 6 to 8

Learning in Middle School

The Middle School curriculum builds on the learning of the Primary Years Programme and furthers the development of inquiry skills and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to believe in themselves, challenge themselves and to learn from their mistakes.
Teaching actively engages students in the following areas: English, German, French, Spanish, Computer Science, Mathematics, Humanities (History & Geography), Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and PSHE. Teachers plan, teach and assess collaboratively, so that learning has a trans-disciplinary dimension.
Students are encouraged to explore the connections between subject areas, to investigate concepts and to develop a sense of who they are. Techology resources are modern and plentiful.
They may choose from a range of sports, arts and other ex-curricular activities. Learning is enriched by extended outdoor learning trips, concerts and performances, community service and inter-schools projects.
We abide by the International Baccalaureate definition of academic honesty: "a set of values and skills that promote personal integrity and good practice in teaching, learning and assessment". We take Academic Honesty very seriously and consequences for breach of school policy are serious.