University & Careers

Successful in school and in life

At ISA we seek to ensure that our students are life-long learners who are “successful in school and in life”. Our aim is to provide students with the resources, skills and competencies they need to take ownership of their future. We offer comprehensive services to students in academic, and college and career planning. Students are supported through the decision making process with personalized guidance, individual meetings, resources and special events.
In Grade 10 we counsel students to choose Diploma subjects based on their interests and ability. The subject choices should be realistic and offer students flexibility in their university options. During the Pre-IB, students receive a formal introduction to university and college counselling. Throughout Grade 11 and 12 students have opportunities to attend college fairs, meet college representatives, draft personal statements and to meet the university and careers counsellor.

ISA graduates have gone on to study in Germany and around the world. Their choices of study are as individual as they are. Students have chosen degree programmes in: medicine, international relations, aeronautical engineering, physical therapy, fashion design, business, architecture, mechatronics, game design, sports and physics.